cockroach control in OH

No More Cozying Up with Cockroaches

Cockroach control services in Amelia, Batavia, Milford, Miami Township, Clermont, Brown and Hamilton County, OH and the surrounding area


Eliminate those troublesome cockroaches once and for all.

No one wants to wake up to see a cockroach in their kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. If you’re starting to see more than a few cockroaches every once in a while, call Elite Pest Management as soon as possible for cockroach control in Amelia, Batavia, Milford, & Miami Township, OH, and the surrounding area. Cockroaches can infest any type of structure, from small homes to large businesses, like restaurants and offices. We’ll find the source of these invasive bugs, eliminate existing cockroach populations and take preventive measures to protect your building. Call Elite Pest Management right away for cockroach control services in Amelia, Batavia, Milford, & Miami Township, OH.

Maintain a ROACH-Free Home and business

We offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly cockroach control services. Call Elite Pest Management now to enroll in routine pest control services.


We’ll eliminate roaches from your property

If you see roach feces, roach egg cases, or roaches themselves, you need to call Elite Pest Management as soon as possible. The infestation will only get worse, so you need to act quickly. Our specialists are chosen for roach control in Amelia, Milford, & Miami Township, OH because we:


  • Stay current on the best treatment options for roaches
  • Determine the best techniques to rid properties of roaches
  • Complete preventive maintenance to keep roaches out of any home


You can count on our specialists to find the cause of the problem and eliminate the infestation. Speak with a specialist on our team today for assistance. Give us a call today at (513) 673-2685 to schedule an appointment.