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Take care of those pesky termites once and for all

Elite Pest Management, LLC has the tools and expertise needed for effective termite control. We’ll assess the termite issue on your property and pinpoint the source of the problem. We’ll then use bait stations to draw the termites out of nooks and crannies.

It doesn’t matter if your termite issue is in your garage, basement, crawl space, or near your flower beds, we’ll send the pests packing.

For more information about termite removal in the Amelia, Batavia, Milford, & Miami Township, OH area, call Elite Pest Management today.

Maintain a termite-Free

We offer monthly, quarterly, and yearly termite control services. Call Elite Pest Management now to sign up for routine pest control services.


3 reasons to schedule termite control as soon as possible

If you suspect you have a termite problem, here are three reasons to get in touch with Elite Pest Management today for termite control:

  • They can cause immense structural damage over a short time.
  • They are invasive and create tunnel systems wherever they inhabit.
  • They are difficult to kill or control without the proper materials and bait.


Don’t let termites cause damage to your beloved home. Call 513-673-2685 right this minute to schedule termite control in Amelia, 

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